Identification of the funding sources

Identify the most appropriate source of funding for the company

Beneficiary eligibility analysis

The accomplishment of the eligibility conditions of the company is verified

Drafting of the funding application and budget planning

Depending on the programme accessed, the application for funding and the related budget are prepared

Business plan development

A detailed document is drawn up with each step taken to achieve the objectives

Market and feasibility studies

The studies carried out will establish the main indicators for achieving the objectives

Checking the documentation required in the file

Evaluate the documents required to access funding

Writing the application for funding and submitting the file

Elaboration of the business plan according to the accessed axis and submission of the file

Communication with relevant institutions

Verification in application of the project and communication with the Managing Authority

Support at the signing of funding contract

Guidance for signing the funding contract with the Managing Authority

Implementation services

Assistance in the procurement process, drafting of documents required by the Managing Authority, consultancy for the drafting of the payment file