EMAS Business Consulting

EMAS was established in 2014 and aims to offer non-reimbursable funding solutions to all those who want to develop projects using European Commission assets. The ideology was born from the need of Romanian companies, associations, authorities to find solutions to access European money (European Money Access Solutions).

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 EMAS Experience

Creative Services – 12 years
Insights & Strategy – 10 years
Media Research – 8 years
Marketing Data – 7 years

The main activity of the company is to identify non-reimbursable funding solutions (from European, national and international funds) for its clients and, at the same time, to generate projects financed with non-reimbursable funds.

The group has submitted for approval numerous projects worth more than €300 million.

The value of EMAS is given both by the experience of experts in the field of structural funds at national and international level, but also by the internationalization of the consultancy service by the expansion of company in Brussels.

It is ISO and OHSAS certified.


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Company principle

“We understood from the very beginning the importance of creating a true long-term partnership with each individual client, a partnership where they know they can rely 100% on our reliability, responsibility and competence.”


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